I have almost finished my 6th draft of the sequel to ‘The Price of Silence’ which includes a re-write of the ending. When that’s done, the manuscript goes to the editor for the final, more detailed line editing.

People ask if I find writing a novel is a lonely pursuit. Well, I work alone most of the time, but I wouldn’t call in lonely. I am just off into another world with other people, who in my case, are intent on catching the bad guys. To me, it’s a fascinating challenge to make it all come together.

Writers have a special advantage. Most of us love to brainstorm with each other, ask for and give feedback. We often meet, one on one, at a coffee shop or restaurant in a quiet setting. We meet outside our homes and without our spouses, because all we want to talk about is writing. We don’t want to bore them to death.

For our purpose of brainstorming for ideas, it matters that we all write novels, but it doesn’t matter what genre we write in. For instance, I write suspense thrillers, and love to discuss my ideas with a writer friend who’s had great success with her historical regency novels. Sometimes she sees things from a vastly different perspective that I often benefit from. In turn, I try to do the same for her. Great fun! 🙂


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    • Norma

    • 5 years ago

    You are amazing! I love reading the novels fiction & none fiction but can’t even think of writing one. Hugs, N????????????

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