May 16

My ‘Official’ Book Launch

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About The Event

May 16, 2013
12:00 am - 11:59 pm

When my thriller “The Price of Silence” came out in mid May 2013, my friends Jenny and Tony offered to organize a book launch for me at their house. This concept was all new to me. I’d read about it, but not given it much thought as I’d never considered having one, or pictured myself being part of one. But now I was expected to have one – and my friends’ generosity blew me away.

Lucky for me, Jenny and Tony seemed to know what had to be done. We set the date for June 14th. Tony designed a beautiful invitation and we started to send it out. Jenny made plans for some amazing appetizers to serve, and I practised what to say until I could repeat it in my sleep.

But still, every time I stepped up on my red little footstool (pretending it was a stage) and repeated what I’d written down, trying to time it to 10 minutes, looking out at my furniture, pretending they were an amused and attentive audience, I felt faint with doubt and anxiety, sweating and stumbling on that wobbly piece of footstool, wondering why on earth anyone would agree to do something like this.

Then, when the big day came, I greeted guests at the door – about 70 of them – and watched them being served refreshments, then gathering around, looking at me, waiting for … something. I watched in wonder as my daughter, Ingrid, so eloquently introduced me, then turned to me, inviting me to step up to the mike. If it hadn’t been for her being so great at this, expecting me to fez up, I’m not sure I wouldn’t have bailed … But I smiled at her as if I couldn’t wait to get up there and address the large audience …

I gave my 10-minute talk, wetting my lips every second, barely knowing what I was saying. When it was over, people smiled, shaking my hand, patting my shoulder, telling me I’d done great. With my cheeks burning from pleasure, I signed books until they were all gone.

I’d stepped out of my box, and it felt great. Thanks everyone for making it easy for me!