The second draft of my second thriller (I haven’t found the right name for it yet) is edited and sent off to the editor. Now I’ll have about a week before he gets back to me. Looking at my desk covered in little pieces of scrap paper with notes reminding me about all the things I’ve put off, and the friends I’ve neglected over the past couple of months, tells me this is not the time to slack off, it’s time to catch up.

If I could only find my glasses. I’m nearsighted and have two pairs because I need glasses to look for my glasses. Sometimes both of them are somewhere they shouldn’t be. I’ve found them in a sock drawer, in the pantry, under the newspaper in the bathroom, and the list goes on.

I believe that one of my responsibilities as an author is to write reviews of other authors’ books. I review on Amazon and Goodreads – books that I like. If I don’t, I don’t review. Why? It’s kind of personal. I know firsthand how wonderful it feels to get good reviews. Some of them are from you, and all of them are precious. I also know how bad reviews can affect writers, so I’m leaving it to the experts to point out what needs to be done to fix whatever it is. They do it so much better.

So I’ll be reviewing books, do a bit of promotional tweets, write a blog, and get together with my friends more. I know it won’t be long until I have to write that dreaded synopsis of my new book – that means taking my manuscript of 300 pages and squeezing them down to 1000 words, hoping it will make more sense than the Swedish Chef below! 

swedish chef