Balancing Priorities

At last, after many months of outlining the plot for my new thriller I’m satisfied with the result and have started to write my first draft. It was slow going at first, […]

When to write and when to play

 Successful writers say it’s important to take a break after completing the first draft and do something else for a few weeks. “Reward yourself for doing a good job. Celebrate, […]

Writing in English vs Swedish

I’m still working on the outline for my second thriller. Right now I’m getting closer to the ending, plotting to make it as difficult as possible for the reader to guess who […]

The social part of writing

Before starting to write a book, I need to write a detailed outline to see how the plot unfolds. I’ve been working on an outline for my second thriller for […]

Getting hooked on writing

When the opportunity to write first presented itself to me, I kept it a secret for a couple of years, thinking it would be a bit presumptuous of me to […]

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