Ulla Håkanson

Ulla Håkanson began writing her first novel, The Price of Silence, during a week-long kayaking trip through the wilds of British Columbia.

The tale began as an adventure, then veered into a dark place, seemingly of its own accord. Which only made sense, given Ulla’s long-time interest in true-crime stories and dark-themed fiction by authors like Stieg Larsson. The unexplored nighttime wilderness, the sounds of wildlife and whispered conversations by firelight all sparked Ulla’s imagination. In no time at all, she went from retired graphic artist to aspiring author—and someone who couldn’t imagine not writing.

“I didn’t know anything about writing novels,” Ulla says now. “I’d heard you should write about something you knew, so I had to talk to many professional experts in order to “know” some of the things I wanted to write about. I trusted my storytelling intuition—and then filled in the knowledge gaps.”

Ulla consulted a police superintendent, a forensic lab staff sergeant, a supreme court judge, a defense attorney and medical and psychological professionals. The Price of Silence took five years to complete.

Author's books

The Price of Silence

Amy Robinson is on the rebound from an abusive fiancé. She’s running a successful salon, and is falling in love with Ben Malik, a police officer she met on a wilderness trip.

All that comes crashing down when her ex-fiancé shows up and forces her to empty her bank account at gunpoint.

The good news is, he’s using the money to flee the country so she’ll never see him again. The bad news is, the thugs he’s running from soon come after Amy, thinking she can lead them to her ex-fiancé.

Kidnapped and interrogated, cut off from everything she knows and facing certain death, Amy must find a way to escape.

Or die trying…